Egyptian Failure in Beijing

Under the title between Athens and Beijing what happened in four years? (بين أثينا وبكين‏..‏ ماذا حدث في أربع سنوات ) Naglaa Zikry wrote that there is no way to compare the results of Egyptian delegation four years ago with the ones achieved in Beijing, while in Athens we collected gold medals as well as silver and bronze in Beijing we collected  failure. She attributed this loss to the demoralization of players.


Naglaa did not say what lead to demoralization, well one has to go back eight years ago when a project started through the ministry of youth and sports called the Olympic champion, for four years good elements were nurtured to what we all have seen as real Olympic champions in Athens, but ever since Athens the heroes dropped down in litigation and problems with their relative associations we all remember how Karam Gaber was treated by the Greco Roman wrestling association, and instead of providing him with the psychological support he was left to himself, instead of nurturing such a great unprecedented talent, they fought with him then blamed him for his behavior without supporting him, an Egyptian of lower middle class who finds himself at the spotlight not the national but everyone in the world praised his abilities


One should ask what happened to the Olympic champion project, for which all the credit should go to Dr. Alieldean Helal, why this project did not generate more Olympic champions? Why since Athens nothing happened, the answer is very simple no one cared, the project belonged to a former minister so let it die as it is the habit in Egypt.

One has to look at China and the results they achieved dethroning the USA, they planned and worked very hard to prepare champions in all disciplines work and only work will give results, again the project of Olympic champion by Alieldean Helal is the best witness, while talking does not get us anywhere.

Unfortunately demoralization is the not the main issue it is the lack of preparation it the habit of getting through short cuts that made us endure this failure.


A delegation of 99 players and only one bronze medal, Egypt’s olympic results are equal to Togo, Afghanestan, Mauritius, Moldova in addition to Morocco, Venezuela and Israel. Such results require a review of what were the plans behind the promises of medals, what was done, how it was implemented.

The request of Mohamed El Kholy in Al Ahram newspaper that Hassan Sakr should take a position versus the leagues who failed is wrong and misleading, as the top person in the sport arena he is fully accountable  and responsible for the failure and such deceiving results.


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