On Decision Making

It seems to me that the government does not know anything about what we call in strategic planning a stakeholder’s analysis.

Every decision has a cost; this cost will be paid by one of the stakeholders, as my boss always said “there is no such a thing called free lunch”.  So before taking any decision they need to calculate the cost, find out who is going to pay and finally find out if they can afford to pay such a cost.

Why did I have these thoughts? Because of two decisions the government is considering; the first is the removal of old cars from the streets of Cairo, and the second the removal of subsidies.

Although I agree with the first one, there is a huge cost that the owners of old cars will pay, and when it is going to be implemented helping them overcome such a cost is important.

The second one is vague because everyone will pay his share and this is like distributing 100 Billion over 75 million which mean an extra annual cost of 1333 per capita, or almost 5400 per family.


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