The Job Description of the Prime Minister

I could not resist the temptation to write the job description of the prime minister having engaged in this excercise several times on a professional level.


POSITION:  Prime Minister

REPORTING TO:President of the Republic


KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Prime minister has the responsibility of heading the cabinet of Ministers, holding regular meetings.He is also responsible to ensure the harmony within the team of ministersHe will act as a role model to all EgyptiansHe will be accountable for the overall performance of the Egyptian economyAs a link between all ministers his main responsibility is to generate an overall strategy that is consistent throughout the whole cabinet ensuring the proper level of collaboration of his ministersHe is responsible for setting the proper strategies that will build capacity and culture mainly education and media.


·          Gather Egyptians around an acceptable national goal

·          Transfer the potential of Egyptians into output that will contribute to the economic growth of this country

·          Maintaining the momentum of the collective efforts of everyone

·          Clearing the legal political environment from all decrees that represent a barrier to achievement and growth

·          Create an environment that will attract FDI in order to create 800,000 New jobs yearly

·          Promote dialogue with all stakeholders in a way that ensures a consensus among all Egyptians

·          Achieve an economic growth of at least 7.2%

·          Reduce both external and internal debts by 20% per year

·          Optimize the subsidy system in order to release the financial pressure on the countries resources

·          Generate funds necessary to Insure proper investment in education

APPRAISALS Carried by the people every Six months for review performance

GENERAL REQUIREMENTSThe Prime Minister should be:

·         A personality with overall National acceptance and charisma

·         Ability to communicate convince and gain acceptance of most of the people

·         A proven track record of success

·         A proven ability to deal with crisis

·         A proven ability to mobilize the support of masses

·         Ability to develop and express sound vision

·         Computer literate and user

·         Business acumen

·         A post graduate degree is a must

·         Good international exposure and network

·         Excellent English and French language abilities

·         Non routine and a source of innovation


2 Responses to “The Job Description of the Prime Minister”

  1. 1 mohamed abdel raouf November 10, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    hi dr: rafik
    i think that the prime minister job after the reading of its key objective & general requirment is so hard job but
    but i think that this cac be found in any prime minister in any country not in egypt

  2. 2 Your daily nigga wake up call January 21, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    I think their shouldn’t be a prime minister, all the MPs should be leader of the country as a team and decide in a group.

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