Explosive mixtures

When Alfred Nobel mixed Glycerin with Nitric acid a new product resulted Nitroglycerin which is a highly explosive compound known as dynamite. In our lives few of such explosive mixtures are blended and seen on the public arena.  To start the continuous attempt to mix political power and religious power, where the purpose of such blend is to give the first the immunity of the second, so while political power is revocable, we find the clerics in all religions are trying to monopolize religious knowledge and acquire immunity based on the sacred scripts, however religion as we see it today is a blend of sacred scripts, that are totally immune, and human explanation, clarifications and rationalization, and it is such endeavor, despite the effort associated with, that is not immune it is purely the work of humans who may get it right or get it wrong. History is full of such wrong interpretations, where religion was used to justify wars and crimes.  Second blend is the involvement of judges and juridical system in politics, so while judges are expect to be totally impartial, unbiased and neutral, politicians are not. Politicians are expected to take sides defending ideas and dismantling others, and with such behavior neutrality is far from being achieved. The mixture here becomes very detrimental to judges as it discredits their impartiality and shakes the public trust, how do they take a political position and can issue impartial fair sentences to bring the lost rights to their rightful owners? The third combination is business and politics; this is the door for corruption. Political immunity became the objective of many business men as witnessed in the rising number of deputies and business men, or in the ever increasing tendency to join political parties, the larger share going to the ruling party.It is the door for corruption as immunity acquired gives rise to abuse and malpractices, as monopolistic practices in the iron market by the Iron Tycoon  who seems to be stronger than any government, the several trials the latest being the one of the blood bags.The political immunity given to politicians specially deputies has one purpose to allow them to express their opinion freely, distrust the government without any peril on their lives. It is not a tool to cover business malpractices. Not very far away there was a law prohibiting keeping two jobs, the spirit of this law is needed today to clear all the intersection and defuse these explosive mixtures, which have one common denominator politics. Politics or political power should never be mixed, as it brings the issue of conflict of interest to play it lowers down the trust in any other practice with which it is mixed.


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