Suicidal tendencies of Egyptian

I have been observing the behavior of Egyptians in various field, this continuous monitoring revealed to me what I call a suicidal tendency among most Egyptians.

How did I reach such conclusion? A pattern of behaviors that is consistent made me come to this conclusion. These can be listed in the following points:

They throw themselves into the streets to attempt to cross it regardless of traffic, one might rebate this by saying that this is the only way to cross a street, well it might be partially true in some areas but how about the Alexandria Cornish where every 1000 m there is a tunnel, and that people standing right beside the tunnel throw themselves to cross a five lane rapid road.They do not respect the one way system and this does not happen inside the cities but also on highways, endangering their lives and the lives of others.

They throw their waste into the Nile our only source of water infesting and polluting it and not only affecting themselves, but compromising the lives of others.

They build on the best agricultural land replacing food output with concrete and this does not happen only for the living but also for dead where graveyards are replacing food producing land.Basic safety concepts are totally absent in cars bad tires bad suspensions, bad engines and still they will go out on high ways.

They burn solid waste such burning is almost incomplete and produces beside carbon dioxide black suspended particles that pollutes air for them and for othersThey walk and cross carelessly the railroad and this behavior results in daily accidents at various rail crossings.

They raise, and continue to do so, birds in their houses, despite the danger of avian flu and despite the number of cases that died of contracting the disease.

They attempt continuously and relentlessly to jump over regulations and rules.

On the political arena they might vote for the wrong candidate or group because they don’t like the other candidate or group.These are only few of my observation; they represent a suicidal behavior, lack of discipline and ignorance.


1 Response to “Suicidal tendencies of Egyptian”

  1. 1 rafiknakhla April 28, 2007 at 10:11 am

    I received the following comment on that article but in another article from Midhat Gazale

    “Very interesting observations. What I should like to understand is why Egyptians behave in that manner? What prompts them to devalue their perception of their own worth to the point of being suicidal… Is it because they see no future for themselves worth living, or because their rulers treat them, since time immemorial, as if their lives were worthless? Is it because they are despondent and consider that, no matter how hard they try, they will never improve their condition?”

    I would like to add that there is a huge devaluation of the person’s worth seen also in the fact that a lot of simple conflicts end in anhilatory behavior, one person kills the other over for example 5 pounds or any minor differences.

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